Link all your Social Media Pages

There are so many social media platforms in the world today; the most popular ones being Instagram, twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. There are many more that have not been mentioned here. The main essence of social media is to interact with as many people as possible from all corners of the world. This then means that getting followers and likes on these social media platforms happens to be a very important thing. This is due to the simple fact that many people are getting interested in what you have to offer and thus your social pool is widening.

If you are looking to get free likes and free followers without having to put in a lot of effort, it would be good for you to link together your social media pages, especially those on these four very popular platforms. You can for example put a link on your Facebook profile leading to your Instagram page.  Begin a story on twitter and put a link leading to your Facebook page for the completion of the story. One thing though; ensure that all your content is interesting and it will pull the concentration of your target audience. This will get you a large number of likes and followers on all your social media platforms.


Since decisions emerge from the data at hand, you have a high chance of making them all wrong. Wrong data leads to bad decisions. It is important therefore to go for targeted free followers who will at least help you to shape your decisions well. Consider weeding out the lists of followers with time to remain with real relevant numbers to ensure your initial targets and goals are reached. Right decisions at any stage in your business mean a lot.

Why Automation Hinders Interactions With Your Free Followers

As you aim to engage your free followers on various social media platforms, caution must be taken when you intend to automate the entire process. Even though it is timely and the best option to ensure every response is delivered, it may be locking you out of attracting many other followers outside. The only sure way is to humanize your brand or incorporate both at specific instances.

If responding to a client’s question, consider attaching your name and replying back with the name of the customer in need of assistance at that particular time. Just with the names, you already confirmed to them that they are dealing with a person on your end and not a robot. The personalized approach is the right indicator that the company values its clients and gives ample time in addressing their needs and concerns. That impacts much and boasts the social engagement of your organization that is likely to get you more free followers just at the mere treatment of one person. As you keep the clients satisfied, your business growth and expansion is guaranteed.


The Importance of Monitoring Engagements With Your Free Followers.

If marketing and engaging your clients on social media, you require active monitoring of all avenues and see how your followers and the general public are talking about your business venture. This a tactical approach that keeps you standby to respond, clarify or support an individual view or allegation that is in the public domain concerning your business. Everything online has the ability to go viral for positive or negative reasons that may build or destroy your reputation online. It may even worse make you unable to attract any more free followers after that.


That is why a timely response is necessary at all times. Even if it is a negative question, handle it tactful in such a way that you diffuse the negativity politely. Any thoughtful written response does more repair than a generic response from the automated systems. Always have a genuine personality to appear credible inorder to prevent the free followers you have attracted from leaving the page. That is a win-win scenario for both you and your followers in the hawk eye of other online users following the conversation.




The Crucial Secrets Celebrities use to gain get multiple Likes and followers on instagram

Ever wondered why so many celebrities get many instagram likes on their posts? Is it just because they are popular? Quite on the contrary, some celebrities who get many like sand comments on their posts get them through hard work. For instance, some of them use catchy quote along their own photos, an intriguing question or a funny meme. All the above things are very likely to cause emotional arousal among your followers, especially with motivational quotes.

In addition to positing intriguing posts, learn to post content when most of your instagram followers are online. You can do a quick survey to earn when people tend to like your post the most, and begin to posts more then. And with the help of today’s technology, you can easily use applications like icon square to analyze your follower’s instagram activities and report to your when most of them are online. Finally, remember to include a call to action in your post so that you can get more instagram likes in the end.

Simple ways to catch attention on social media and stay at the top

Why would people enjoy your post more?  Have you ever thought why some posts receive numerous likes and others receive absolutely nothing?  You must be wondering how some people are able to capture attention on the social media platform.  It gets very hard flipping from platform to platform while you can do so on the same platform.  The Social resellers allows you to amongest other things choose posts that are positive.

Flipping endlessly from platform to platform can waste your precious time which can be used attending to other important matters.  The social media whether we like it or not is currently the top most activity with thousands of users every single day.  If you want to reach the same groups you need to think differently from the way others do their things.  You can make your posts outstanding on Panel for Instagram.

People are always looking for something unique and differently.  The panel enables users to combine photos of different kinds artistically and share it with other viewers not necessary on Instagram but on other platforms too like Panel for Twitter.

The difference 140 words can make

It is therefore, common knowledge despite the facts that we always yearn to increase our Twitter likes; we must use common known safety rules on its proper use.  Because, interestingly without that, we will be going against the set down rules on most of the social media platforms which will effectively come with lawlessness. One thing that most people fail to understand is that the like icon or key is easier to use and is quite effective.  It enables you to show your appreciation without having to make any comment.

Another great fact about Twitter likes is the personality it come with.  There is a lot that likes are attached to for those using a company account.  Most users looking for companies to do business with look for very small things.  A simple thing like liking their page or post can mean a lot of difference.  Do you know that in Twitter you only need 140 characters to be heard?  How you use those 140 characters will depend on how you present yourself.  The secret on Twitter is always try to appreciate more often.

How free likes Unite friends, family and the society

They say that it is the little things that make a difference in life, and the saying can’t be truer when it comes to using social media to bring people together. It doesn’t take long figure out that the single most important thing to social media users is getting some attention on their posts, and especially seeing people express their efforts through the free likes icon. And if hitting a like on your friend’s posts can mean so much to them, why not give it to them?

There are very many strong relationships cemented by close interactions on social networks, while friendships have also been broken by the lack of close interactions. And interacting with a friend on Facebook doesn’t mean having to comment and like their every post, but ensuring that you at least like some of their posts often. You can also go the extra notch of sharing their posts, making nice comments and asking people to follow these friends on twitter just to make your relationship more cordial. Finally, always give attention to all your friends and loved ones on social media.

Market your way to the top

Twitter polls are an interesting way to know what people thing about a particular topic or question but users or those posting the question normally forget one thing. A hash tags are an easier way for other users to find you. When creating a question, it is important not to forget the hash tag feature. It will increase your following as people are always looking for those people they can easily identify with. Make yourself be heard loud and clear by allowing them to join in your conversations or question directly.
It is easier for people just looking for trending topics to easily join your conversation. Any twitter polls with hash tag just give you that even though you might not realise it from the onset. If you are a marketer looking for polls regarding a particular brand, do not ignore these polls, it will open your eyes to what people really think about your product or particular brand in question. It is in essence a very important feature for a marketer. It really does not matter whether you have been in the market long enough or just beginning.

Sharing Responsibly To Your Periscope Followers.

Sharing of live events enables you to get more periscope followers and may in some instances make you lose a good number of the same. That is why it is important to be selective in whatever broadcast you intend to share with your followers. It is important to stick to posting content that you described on your profile page at all times as it is the first place pulled some fans to follow you. This affects most newbies who get so excited after amassing a certain following that they end up sharing everything they come across. Something may be interesting to you, but it is not a must you share it with your followers. If you keep sharing broadcasts from other scopes you come across with, you just burdening your followers with constant notifications that easily becomes a nuisance.

Make a point of sharing only the content you find to be spectacular. Many will stick around if you are sharing consistent content at all times. To attract many relevant periscope followers, always broadcast more often the content that is aligned to the description at your bio. At all times, be yourself.

How to enjoy sending hearts

Another interesting fact that periscope hearts users need to note is that any hearts given on any private platform rarely get counted. If you see a lot of hearts fluttering particularly in your screen, then it is a sign to note that other viewers are enjoying what you have broadcasted. The hearts interestingly, are known to pop and flutter in a flurry of interesting colors. There are two platforms where you will not be able share hearts namely on your computer or on any Android platform. If you need to share hearts then use the other platforms.
Periscope hearts users can choose to view other broadcasted videos by simply selecting a person of their interest worth watching. It is so easy simply tap the individual’s name on the Global list and what their broadcast. What you need to know and understand is that you will only be able to watch people who are live. You cannot watch an individual who is not live on the platform. If you like their broadcast, you are free to share their hearts even without being their follower on the platform or app. If you want to know the hearts you have sent they are green in color.