How to enjoy sending hearts

News 11:02 February 2024:

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Another interesting fact that periscope hearts users need to note is that any hearts given on any private platform rarely get counted. If you see a lot of hearts fluttering particularly in your screen, then it is a sign to note that other viewers are enjoying what you have broadcasted. The hearts interestingly, are known to pop and flutter in a flurry of interesting colors. There are two platforms where you will not be able share hearts namely on your computer or on any Android platform. If you need to share hearts then use the other platforms.
Periscope hearts users can choose to view other broadcasted videos by simply selecting a person of their interest worth watching. It is so easy simply tap the individual’s name on the Global list and what their broadcast. What you need to know and understand is that you will only be able to watch people who are live. You cannot watch an individual who is not live on the platform. If you like their broadcast, you are free to share their hearts even without being their follower on the platform or app. If you want to know the hearts you have sent they are green in color.