Perks of having massage chairs at home

News 09:02 February 2024:

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Body pain is one of our problem as time goes through. Having back pain, specifically, is the most uncomfortable pain we can feel. We can really have a hard time moving, working, sitting, or even walking when we have back pain. Good thing a massage chair was invented. A massage chair eases pain either on the back, shoulders, neck up to the head. There are a lot of benefits when we use or buy these chairs. It straighten the spine, most of us suffer from back pain because of uncomfortable positions. If we are in a uncomfortable position, our posture changes, we became hunchbacks and that is not a good thing to be seen. So these chairs helps us to relax our muscles and helps us maintain good posture. At the end of the day, we feel very stressed and tired because of work or maybe because of our house chores, these chairs is always there to relieve stress. It can lighten up your mood by making you feel comfortable. It also help us improve breathing. Lung can reduce in size and also reduce capacity, this usually happen when we are in a bad posture, so in conjunction with having reduced size lungs, we will reduce the oxygen we take too.


But massage chair does not only have it’s good side, it also has an awful one. A massage chair usually have a weight range, make sure that you are in that range because if you are over the range it may cause overloading that can result to bruising and your muscles can harden. Plus, the chair may not function properly after overloading. Using these chair in public can be dangerous also. When you use these chairs in different spa’s you need to place you head on the face cradle, to this extent you are not sure if the face cradle is clean and disinfected. What if the last customer has a contagious disease and you are the next one to use the chair he or she used, well that is not very hygienic. Lastly, these chairs helps you lower your blood pressure, but if you are suffering from low blood pressure, you better consult your doctor first. Fluctuation may happen in blood pressure over a wide range and it can gain possibilities of having stroke.


Furthermore, let’s forget the cons and pros and head to knowing the types of these chairs. There are two types of massage chair, the traditional and the robotic one. The traditional one is an convenient and portable chair. It usually focuses on hands, arms, back, up to the head. These kind of chair can be used by therapists that go all over like, in the malls, parks, and other public places that they can offer their service. These kind of chair has a place to rest you head, arms, and even foot. The robotic one is electronic. It has motors and gears that can massage the person that will use it. These kind of chairs, they can control the type of massage, can control where to locate, and can adjust the intensity. These chairs are like recliners.

There are so many types of robotic chairs but how can you find the best one? When you will buy a these chair, you should save money. Buying a massage chair can be expensive so you’ll need to manage how you spend your money. You should also consider what features you want or need. If you want a cup holder where you’ll put your beverages or a chair that can also massage you legs, it all depends on you but be ready to pay more than what you expect. You should also look at different price range, there are so many companies that sell these chairs, so you better look for the better.  Having these chair is a more convenient way to lessen body pain or your back pain. Yes, it may cost a lot of money but it is better than going back to spa’s again and again just to have a body massage. It’s a onetime big time spend, but once you have it, it’s a big save!