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News 11:02 February 2024:

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Twitter polls are an interesting way to know what people thing about a particular topic or question but users or those posting the question normally forget one thing. A hash tags are an easier way for other users to find you. When creating a question, it is important not to forget the hash tag feature. It will increase your following as people are always looking for those people they can easily identify with. Make yourself be heard loud and clear by allowing them to join in your conversations or question directly.
It is easier for people just looking for trending topics to easily join your conversation. Any twitter polls with hash tag just give you that even though you might not realise it from the onset. If you are a marketer looking for polls regarding a particular brand, do not ignore these polls, it will open your eyes to what people really think about your product or particular brand in question. It is in essence a very important feature for a marketer. It really does not matter whether you have been in the market long enough or just beginning.